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Material test-Water

Material test-Wax

The following series are about the experience of material test. The meaning of 'Destroy' literally is:
1. to damage sth so badly that is no longer exists, work, etc 2. to kill an animal deliberately, usually because it is sick or not wanted

The one thing I concern first is to choose the right material. Basing on the photos of the funeral which easily catch visual attention. Burning a huge paper house presents the tension between the objects, the house, and people's conflict emotion.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


The photos are about my grandpa's funeral. In Taiwan, people who believe in Buddhism or Taoism would use paper-make objects which copy from the reality, mainly are very materialistic such as car, house, money. During the religion ceremony, they burn these paper things as a gift(message) to the other world, the receivers is either god or people who already die can be classified who lives in the different world from us.

This is a 3 floors dwelling with bad design from my opinion. However, the dwelling are including 2 servants, a Mercedes, lovely garden and furnished.


This photo was took last year in V&A. The idea is to reflect the lecture I took last week about "Identity and Difference".

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The man from earth (2007)

What would you think if you've been lived on earth for 1,400 years. In Japan, old people believe that once they eat the flesh from mermaid then their live can be extended forever. Personally, "eating" seems a very brutal behavior to adapt others life expectancy. It just reminds me a new few days ago, there were some people killed an albino in African tribe because the local witches are willing to pay high price of buying any piece from that albino, it brings the power, the same idea as Japanese. Rareness is symbolic which enlarging people themselves, mainly it's presented physically.

Therefore, in China there are loads of stories about ancient emperors who were looking for any possibilities to live without time controlled.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Stalker (1979)

My sketch is some scenes from the Russian film, Stalker, by Andrei Tarkovsky. There are three men involve in exploring a tunnel. Tarkovsky is spacialise of creating a mystry atmosphere with sensetive sound and unclear furture. The unpredictable narrtive brings audium anxiety and uncomfortable.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Traces leave after forgetting

Few days ago, I decided move my working place from my room to living room. Sitting on the chair for long hour wasn't comfortable at all. So I brought my laptop, research paper and some books in to the living room. However, in the next day before I met some friends I left a mass there. these things were completely forgotten in the living room which I should bring back to my room.

During that day, I was always worry about the mass, could my flatmate would secretly see my sketch book or would he check my laptop. Although there was nothing really embarrassed but there was always a little voice telling me 'your privacy hasn't been seen'. Suddenly, I felt that there I lost secure of my personal life. What the wired thing is just a little object could bring me panic. It seems the evidence of my private life is show up in front of the public. And my flatmate can have a chance to gaze me from head to toe.

Later on, I keep thinking of my laptop, some research papers, does it actually indicates part of my identity such as my taste, interested or behavior. If there was nothing left obviously non of the people could have a chance to guess me as person from empty.

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre are the photographers of landscape, and the main theme they shoot is about the leftover from some spaces. The places they choose have already no people lived inside for a long time. Yet by far the interior and the furnitures can still tell you some information from that period, where people used to be inside. Amazinlly what they created is the beauty of ruin.

Knowing more about photographers:

Friday, 6 November 2009

2046 (2004)

"All memories are damp"